Pool Super Vision™

Never look at a pool the same way again.

Risk Management Saves

Reduce the risk of drowning at your centre.

Prevention; Better than a Cure

Overcome the short-comings of facility design.

Experience Counts

Career specialists in emergency planning, training and response.

Training; the Master of Performance

Become part of the lifeguard revolution.

Pool Super Vision™

Pool Super Vision™ (PSV) is the due diligence approach to drowning prevention.

Built on sound risk management principles, PSV is an award winning program that provides pool lifeguards and organisations with a suite of practical sessions that build a strategy for improved swimmer safety at public swimming facilities.

See all the Pool Super Vision options.

Training Options

CPR & Anaphylaxis.

First Aid.

Pool Lifeguard.

Pool Operations.

Due Diligence

Talk with our industry specialists who have access to broad industry trends and individual centres are dealing with similar issues.

Industry guidelines can be broad and conservative in their approach and don’t always align with providing a service that attracts customers to your centre. A simpler, risk based approach can often serve better.

Get a step closer to due diligence.


Aquatic risk management consultancy is available to help organisations maintain up to date polices and practices.

We can help with:

  • Operations Manuals.
  • Pool design that aids supervision.
  • Risk assessments.
  • Expert opinion services.
  • Incident investigation.

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