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In providing scenario training that is as real as I can possibly make it I go to great lengths. Modifying a manikin that cost me $2000 is always a risky move and touch wood it’s all turned out OK.

One of the things I’ve been trying to affect is producing copious amounts of foam from the ‘casualty’s’ mouth and nose during CPR to replicate some of the realism of resuscitating the drowned person. I know Kelly, Becky and the crew at Phoenix have been doing the same. To see some of the amazing results go here.

The basic message being; CPR is yucky and, when you come up against foam in the drowned casualty… ignore it and push on with CPR. If you aren’t convinced there’s a better explanation here.

Andy Caldin from the Royal Flying Doctor Service in Broken Hill NSW Australia has taken it one step further. He’s modified a manikin so that it vomits, and not just a little spew… this casualty has a caravan pump connected to a 50 litre reservoir. Fifty litres comin’ out at ya… imagine that for a moment.

They use it so they can train to intubate a patient while they are vomiting.

Well done guys, it’s back to the drawing board and then the shed for me and Robin.

You can read more it and see the video of their manikin here.