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2018 NSW Pool Safety Summit

Thanks to the support of the Aquatic & Recreation Institute (ARI) and Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre (SOPAC) the 2018 NSW Pool Safety Summit is a goer! For those who've never attended, it's a professional development day for industry people. No customer service,...

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A Pocket Sized Problem

Before I tell you what this pocket-sized problem is, let's back up a bit. To get an open airway in an unconscious, non-breathing casualty one of your best bets is the good old head tilt, chin lift method. Head tilt gets the tongue off the back of the throat and chin...

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Eyes on the prize

There are those who think they understand drowning prevention and probably don’t, and those who don’t understand drowning prevention and yet are busy pulling apart the riddle to figure it out. A couple of months ago at the Life Saving Victoria (LSV) Pool Safety Summit...

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