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Lifeguards Love YouTube

If you’re a lifeguard or trainer and haven’t seen this website… go there now. It’s awesome. Lifeguards Love Youtube is a website that brings a heap of drowning related videos to one convenient location and then catagorises them so you can find them. You can use the...

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Strong Lifeguard Teams

This is the City of Mandurah lifeguard team. They won Western Australia's 2016 Pool Lifeguard Challenge at HBF Stadium in Perth. The day is a unique one that provides an opportunity for Lifeguards from metropolitan and regional areas to come together and test their...

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Last Week I Drowned !

Whenever I get into a pool with my wife, this ‘change’ comes over her; a hangover from her childhood I suspect. She calls it wrestling but in any sane person’s mind it’s closer to attempted murder. I’m a lover not a fighter, so I usually just take what’s coming so we...

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