Critical Incident Support

Drowning events at public swimming facilities are rare.

When they happen they are devastating events, and can sometimes be powerful enough to overwhelm our natural coping mechanisms.

Critical Incident Stress(CIS) is a real, and normal way for the human body behaves.

Effects may appear immediately, a few hours or days later, and in some cases weeks or months may pass. Sometimes a trigger event will create a response.

If you have had a critical incident and have staff who you think might benefit from talking to a lifeguard who has been through similar events, we can help.

Critical Incident
Critical Incident

Critical Incident Investigation

Have you had a serious incident or near miss at your centre? An independent investigation will eliminate the questions of bias with regard to internal departments.

ICAM is an effective, proven system for determining the root causes of adverse events. It aims to identify both local factors and failures within the broader organisation, including communication, training, operating procedures, culture and equipment.

Through the analysis of this information, ICAM provides the ability to identify what really went wrong and to make recommendations to minimise future incidents.

Have one of our lead investigators help you; the sooner after the event, the better.

Critical Incident

Expert Opinion Services

Serious injury and death are now so uncommon at public swimming facilities that our courts have with limited experience in how to deal with such matters. Couple this with the complex matter of how these incidents occur and we often see conversations in court wandering off in unusual directions.

It is very important that the courts understand what due diligence looks like for the aquatic industry and how it is being achieved. If you find yourself involved in legal matters and need an expert opinion, We can help.

Our industry experts been trained through Unisearch Expert Opinion Services and abide by Expert Witness Code of Conduct. We can provide documents that are simple, easy to understand and admissible in court.


Critical Incident