Pool Super Vision™

Pool Super Vision™ (PSV) is the due diligence approach to the prevention of injury and death from drowning events at public swimming pools.

PSV began as an image based training program that taught pool lifeguards to supervise their patrons using a technique built on the Australian Standard for Risk Management- AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009.

Initially developed in Tamworth, Australia it was the Leisure Industry of Western Australian Aquatic (LIWA) who first implemented it more broadly. LIWA saw Pool Super Vision as the natural adjunct to their parental supervision program Watch Around Water.

Pool Super Vision won the 2013 Statewide Mutual Risk Management Excellence Award and provides a way for operators to achieve that which is required by industry standards. PSV’s proactive approach in identifying the potential for drowning gives it the edge over traditional reactionary practices.

Since then Pool Super Vision has developed into a suite of options that target each individual aspect of the drowning prevention strategy.

Pool Super Vision provides three layers of protection;

  • PSV was developed to protect swimmers. If this first layer succeeds, we never need the rest.
  • The second layer of protection is for Lifeguards. After a serious incident, lifeguards often become witnesses in legal processes. Pool Super Vision seeks to provide lifeguards with the ability to give solid answers under cross examination.
  • The third layer of protection is for organisations. Doing everything reasonably practicable is due diligence and due diligence is now statute law in many countries. Pool Super Vision allows organisations to exercise demonstrate due diligence through a combination of industry standards and robust risk management processes.


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