PSV Due Diligence Series

PSV- Due Diligence

What does due diligence look like for preventing drowning injury and death? How do we put it in the context of risk management? The PSV Due Diligence session is an overview of a process that provides you with a map for preventing injury and death and exercising due diligence along the way.

You can use the map prior to an incident to measure where you are strong and where more work is needed and after an incident as a framework for identifying supporting evidence for court.

PSV- Design

If you’re about to embark on a new facility or major upgrade get us involved early and we’ll help you balance functionality with safety.

When design companies provide estimated operational costs how many lifeguards are they allocating? What considerations are they using to ensure that two lifeguards on paper doesn’t become three in reality? How many drownings are exacerbated by design features that inhibit effective supervision?

Building costs become less significant if the organisation starts incurring high operating costs year after year. Intricate leisure pools can give you the edge over other recreation providers but before you commit to building, it’s important you understand exactly what you’re getting.