PSV Lifeguard Series

The PSV Lifeguard series is all about prevention.

PSV- On Deck

PSV On Deck teaches Lifeguards a solid, easy to use, risk based method for determining where to be and and who to watch more. It teaches them to assess their facility and their patrons and then devise ways to address risks without mentioning the term ‘risk assessment’.

PSV On Deck ensures good learning outcomes by being light on text and heavy on imagery. It is a 3.5 hour session ideally delivered in a training room near the pool so on deck components can be completed during the training. Group sizes are restricted to 20 and a morning and an afternoon session can be arranged if you want everyone trained and still be able to keep the centre open.

Attendees receive a PSV Lifeguard Reference Manual and a Certificate of Attendance.

PSV- Dead Water

Risk assessments become self-defeating if they are so complex that Lifeguards can’t implement them. We also need to remember that risk assessments are the beginning of a process that attempts to stop the event before it occurs. PSV is the link between an organisation’s risk assessment and what their Lifeguards do on deck. PSV ensures that Lifeguards take an active part in developing a centres risk management process.

The PSV Dead Water session consists of lifeguards analysing images taken around their pool deck for the the ability to see the surface and the floor of the pool shell. They then develop a map using red and green colours to record areas that are better and worse for supervising the pool.

The map also becomes a good way to inducting new lifeguards to the centre’s strategy.