PSV Response Series

The PSV Response series develops the skills required when a serious incident occurs.

Red Zone Training.

Red Zone Training is high fidelity scenario training delivered at your centre with your lifeguards in a supportive manner. In this respect it becomes very site specific.

Using a full body manikin dressed as a typical child entering your centre we recreate as many aspects of a real response, including anxiety, to deliver a dynamic session. We then utilise the lifeguard’s knowledge of their  emergency action plan (EAP) and equipment to determine the veracity of the strategy. We then suggest changes based on the outcomes of the session.

Red Zone Training test procedures, enhances skills, builds teams and develops trust. Lifeguards typically arrive very anxious about this training and leave wanting more.

PSV- Slow Mo EAP.

This a great follow up to Red Zone Training. Slow Mo EAP is a slow, deliberate walk through your Emergency Action Plan ensuring lifeguard understands the intricacies and priorities of each role in that response. Pit crew CPR only works if you understand every role; you won’t know if you’re lifeguard 1, 2 or 3 until the incident begins.

PSV- Mental Fitness for Lifeguards.

This session is an experiential guide to working in your flight or fight zone. It is important that lifeguards have a basic understanding of the changes that will occur in their bodies and how this will impact performance. The training also provides strategies for dealing with these effects.

PSV- Meet the Coroner.

This session is an introduction to who the Coroner is, what she is tasked with and what to expect if you find yourself in the witness box. Each session is tailored to the State or Country it is delivered in and includes a firsthand account of courtroom attendances and the impact this has on all involved.